Decléor Aroma Solutions

Targeted treatments to tackle specific problem areas.

Exfoliating Full Body Polish Treatment - £40.00 (30 mins)

Perfect Legs & Feet - £55.00 (1hr)

Energise sluggish circulation and flush away toxins to relieve puffiness with this focussed yet pampering treatment.

Cleansing & Purifying Back Treatment - £38.00 (30mins)

With a skin-brightening exfoliation to target spots, blemishes and dull skill, this facial for your back transforms congested skin, leaving it clear and strokeably soft.

Tranquility Scalp - £38.00 (30mins)

Intensely de-stressing scalp treatment to banish tension and aid restful sleep. Power point massage includes Rosemary and Lavender essential oils to invigorate and calm leaving a feeling a pure serenity.

Vital Eyes - £38.00 (30mins)

Fatigue fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle smoothing. This DECLÉOR unique eye technique stimulates micro-circulation leaving contact lens wearers, hey fever suffers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.