O.P.I. Nails

Softer, smoother looking hands and feet by O.P.I. Pro Spa

Simplicity Shape and Paint - Hands/Feet £15 (20mins)

Pro Spa Express Manicure - £20 (30mins)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Paint

Pro Spa Classic Manicure - £27 (45mins)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Massage, Buff, Paint

Pro Spa Pamper Manicure - £35 (1hr)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Exfoliate, Mask, Heated Gloves, Massage, Paint

Pro Spa Classic Pedicure - £35 (1hr)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Scrub, Hard Skin removal, Massage, Buff, Paint

Pro Spa Pamper Pedicure - £45 (1hr 15mins)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Scrub, Hard Skin Removal, Mask, Heated Booties, Massage, Paint

Callus Refining Pedicure - £38 (1hr)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Extreme Hard Skin Removal, Massage, Paint

Paraffin wax Treatment - Hands 1hr £38 / Feet 1.15 hr £45

Providing heat therapy for arthritis, joint pain relief, or to soothe and hydrate the driest of skins for instant relief.

IBX Nail repair Treatment- 20mins/£20

Creating nail strength from within using heat and LED light this penetrative treatment targets natural nail imperfections and weaknesses repairing even the most damaged nails. Suitable under gel as a strengthening treatment or on its own as a protective shield.

O.P.I./CND Shellac Gels

Using the CND and O.P.I brands for 14 day wear, mirror finish, zero dry time and NO nail damage.

Gel Nails £30.00

Gel Hands & Feet £50.00

Gel Soak off & Tidy £15.00 20 mins

Gel Soak off & File & Repaint £20.00 30 mins

Gel Soak off & Manicure £31.00 1 hour

Gel Soak off, Classic Manicure & Gel application £37.00 1 hour 15 mins

 Gel removal is FREE if it is re-applied 

If you have another brand of gel nail on please let us know prior to the appointment as these can take longer than Shellac/OPI to remove. Price on appointment.