Nails (O.P.I & CND)

O.P.I. Nails

Softer, smoother looking hands and feet by O.P.I. Pro Spa

Shape and Paint - Hands/Feet £15 (20mins)

Pro Spa Express Manicure - £20 (30mins)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Paint

Pro Spa Classic Manicure - £27 (45mins)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Massage, Buff, Paint

Pro Spa Pamper Manicure - £35 (1hr)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Exfoliate, Mask, Heated Gloves, Massage, Paint

Pro Spa Classic Pedicure - £35 (1hr)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Scrub, Hard Skin removal, Massage, Buff, Paint

Pro Spa Pamper Pedicure - £45 (1hr 15mins)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Scrub, Hard Skin Removal, Mask, Heated Booties, Massage, Paint

Callus Refining Pedicure - £38 (1hr)

Shape, Soak, Cuticles, Extreme Hard Skin Removal, Massage, Paint

Paraffin wax Treatment - Hands 1hr £38 / Feet 1.15 hr £45

Providing heat therapy for arthritis, joint pain relief, or to soothe and hydrate the driest of skins for instant relief.

CND Shellac

Using the CND and O.P.I brands for 14 day wear, mirror finish, zero dry time and NO nail damage.

Gel Nails £30.00

Gel Hands & Feet £50.00

Gel Soak off & Tidy £15.00 20 mins

Gel Soak off & File & Repaint £20.00 30 mins

Gel Soak off & Manicure £31.00 1 hour

Gel Soak off, Classic Manicure & Gel application £37.00 1 hour 15 mins

 Shellac removal is FREE if it is re-applied 

If you have another brand of gel nail on please let us know prior to the appointment as these can take longer than Shellac to remove. Price on appointment.