Beauty Express

Need some pampering but time may not allow it

Instant results in 30 mins £38 - Pick 3 for £90

Discovery Facial - £38 (30 mins)
A perfect taste of Decleor providing a genuine escape and sensation of wellbeing

Teen Facial -£38 (30 mins)
Using Rosemary to reduce blemishes and breakouts!

Dermasonic Technology -£38 (30mins) £175 ( 6 x 30mins)
Combining Galvanic, Ultrasound, LED lights and Vibratory Massage to tackle individual skin issues

Tranquility Scalp - £38 (30 mins)
Intensely de-stressing scalp treatment to banish tension and aid restful sleep

Cleansing & Purifying Back Treatment - £38 (30 mins)
With a skin-brightening exfoliation to target spots, blemishes and dull skin

Aching Foot Relief - £38.00 (30 mins)
Refresh your tired aching feet

O.P.I. Pro Spa Hands - £38 (30 mins)
Indulgent and deeply nourishing hand treatment

Bright Eyes - £38.00 (30mins)
Fatigue fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle smoothing. This DECLÉOR unique eye technique stimulates micro-circulation leaving contact lens wearers, hey fever suffers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.