Germaine De Capuccini Facials

As a world-leading Spanish skincare specialist, Germaine de Capuccini is loved in over 85 countries for its luxurious treatment journeys and powerful products. With over 50 years of experience Germaine combines cutting-edge skincare with exotic rituals for an unforgettable experience and results driven facial results.

Timexpert Rides Wrinkle defence - £95 (60mins)
A highly effective Botox effect facial targeting lines and wrinkles.
Exclusive to Germaine this non-surgical rejuvenation facial neutralises facial contractions, relaxing expression lines and producing unparalleled results in reducing the length and depth of wrinkles.
Ideally taken as a course of 3 treatments and combining with a specific home care programme, proven results show a 43% improvement. (Results are supported by the University of Valencia faculty of Medicine.

Timexpert Lift - £100 (60mins)
The ultimate facial to lift and define facial features.
At the heart of this treatment lies our unique and exclusive complex, V-Matrix.
With flaccidity in the skin beginning in the deepest layers, V-Matrix works at the root of the problem to rebuild and restructure the dermis, transforming the skin from the inside out.

Timexpert Global Regeneration - £100 (60mins)
Every day, our cells are damaged by lifestyle and environmental factors. Over time, the gene structure within these cells stop producing essential proteins that naturally slow down the ageing process.
This facial reactivates these dormant genes and boosts cellular regeneration using Epigenol and Zinc Glycine complex. This is a powerful all-round anti-ageing treatment that provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalisation, improved pigmentation and hydration. 99% of clients have firmer, more supple and nourished skin after a single session. (self-assessment test on 173 individuals after 1 treatment)

Timexpert Hydraluronic - £85 (60mins)
This facial delivers Hyaluronic Acid to the deepest levels of the skin, using slow releasing technology and retaining moisture reserves for long lasting effects.
This treatment uses a unique cooling massage tool that actively plumps lines, leaving skin visibly moisturised, hydrated, comforted and plumped.
( Excellent for healing sensitive skins )

Professional Clinical lactobionic Peel - £38 (30mins) - add on £25 (15mins)

This is a skin resurfacing peel to treat lines/ wrinkles and pigmentation. It can be used on all skin types even sensitive skin.

Skin is nourished, hydrated, radiant and toned with an improved texture.

Highly recommended as an add on to any Germaine facial .

Expert Rides Eye And Lip Therapy - £50.00 (40mins)-add on £25.00(20mins)

This professional collagen boost eye and lip treatment minimises puffiness & reduces dark circles, improving microcirculation and promoting drainage.
Expression lines caused by daily gestures are softened, neutralised and intensely hydrated, using our exclusive Micro-Dermoxine Complex. Skin is rejuvenated and the eye contour illuminated.